Welcome to 6th Grade!

Welcome Parents and Students,

I am excited for the upcoming year. As a social studies and science teacher, I have the honor of guiding you through two of your academic areas.

It is going to be an exciting year. You will be challenged. There will be high expectations for you. You will be required to work collaboratively with your classmates and learn from each other. You will learn to think for yourself and be proud when you do it. Your job is to learn. My job is to guide you. We will learn from each other.

Use this website to keep informed of assignments and announcements. It will be updated frequently. If you have any questions, you can email me at whaleyc@fultonschools.org.

2010-2011 World Studies Travel Itinerary


This year we will be traveling to Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Australia. We will experience the different cultures, geography, history, governments, and economic systems of each of these regions.

We will have to travel long and hard to experience everything but I know we will have an awesome year.

Remember our motto: "I can and I will succeed as long as I do my best!"